Learn how to create your own success story

Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made.
Our team of experts will help you set up a sustainable startup and become a successful founder.

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Entrepreneurial mindset is the key

One must be highly motivated to take a plunge into the world of startups, and we make sure you are fully equipped.

We help you develop a unique set of traits, involving creativity, problem solving, critical thinking, courage, confidence and grow as a person and a founder.

An idea can fail, but you can come out a winner. 

We accelerate your success

Most founders think they’re building the next big thing, but in reality, 90% of them fail.

Startups don’t fail because of their high-risk nature, they fail due to their founders’ unfortunate decisions on management, product and marketing.

Our team of experts will guide you to properly prioritise your steps, and avoid making critical mistakes. 

The interactive school of entrepreneurship

Our teaching method of choice is the Socratic, a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue which stimulates critical thinking, thus generating innovative ideas.

One should be driven, determined, persistent, courageous and disciplined in order to attend, learn and graduate into the world of entrepreneurship. 

Ideas need a nourishing environment to grow

SEIN’s team of experts is comprised of successful entrepreneurs and professionals with broad experience in creating successful businesses.

We take you under our wing, and share our experiences with you, so you can learn from them.

We’ve been there, we’ve done that, and we know the safest way to accomplish your dreams.

Our team of experts will be available to assist, coach, and mentor you every step of the way.

A dream team always by your side

Our team of experts is wholeheartedly dedicated to you, with a full-time commitment to SEIN. Meet the team:

  • Sofia – Brand Storyteller
  • Emmanouela – Creative Designer
  • Konstantinos – Web Designer
  • George – Software Engineer
  • Spiros – Serial Entrepreneur
  • Makis – Serial Entrepreneur

Your supplies for a kick-ass start.

SEIN’s 6-month intensive course is set up in two stages:

  • 1 month (60 hours) of interactive initiation into the entrepreneurial mindset
  • 5 months (5 hours/week) of mentoring & guidance with utilization of the startup pack SEIN offers.

Startup pack

  • Logo Design
  • Design & content editing for Pitch Deck
  • Design, content editing and development for 1-Page Website
  • Content editing for Elevator Pitch

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We are the first interactive school created by entrepreneurs, to guide new founders like you to success.